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Со всего мира поступают обращения в поддержку депутата-коммуниста В.И. Бессонова

В Государственную Думу РФ продолжают поступать письма со всей планеты в поддержку депутата-коммуниста В.И. Бессонова, подвергающегося политическим репрессиям. Вот лишь некоторые из них.

Пресс-служба фракция КПРФ в Государственной Думе
2015-01-27 12:24
Бессонов Владимир Иванович
Персональная страница

От представителя Чили


S Narishkin

Estimado señor, desde estas lejanas tierras chilenas quiero solicitarle a usted pueda interceder por el diputado Sr. Vladimir Bessonov quien ha constantemente estado al lado del pueblo chileno y a quién aprecio mucho, por lo tanto le entregamos todo nuestro apoyo y nuestra solidaridad



Flor Araneda Fornachiari.

Ingeniera Agrónoma.

Santiago de Chile,23 enero 2015

* * *

От Партии коммунистов США

Vladimir Bessonov, our comrade in the Duma, has been harassed long enough. We demand that this malicious prosecution of Comrade Bessonov and his Party by the state cease immediately. The KPRF, which is well represented in the Duma, is doing an excellent job of representing working people, just as we communists did for so many years here in the USA.  We have seen these tactics used here in our own country. The tactic is appropriately known as McCarthyism after the late Senator, Joseph R. McCarthy, who hounded many innocent people until they lost their jobs, their families were destroyed, and many and committed suicide. This all out assault on political expression now taking place in the Russian Federation is no different than the repressions that occurred in the USA in the 1950's. Political persecutions based on lies and a lack of evidence are which hunts and are to be dismissed by civilized society as such. We do not live in the time of the Spanish inquisition. Call off your dogs.


THE SECRETARIAT International Department, PCUSA

* * *

От Социалистической Рабочей партии Хорватии

Dear comrades,

The Socialist Workers Party of Croatia supports all legitimate actions taken by the KPRF in the defense of basic human rights and dignity of a Member of Parliament comrad Vladimir Bessonov.

Fraternal greetings


International Department

Socialist Workers Party of Croatia

* * *

От коммунистов Турции

Dear Comrades,

The People’s Communist Party of Turkey shall be organizing a grand event on February 1, 2015 for the commemoration of Mustafa Suphi and his comrades, the founders of our party. The event shall be organized under the slogan “For Equality, Freedom, Secularism and Socialism” and thousands of our members, comrades, workers and friends shall participate.

The organization is to be held at an important milestone in Turkey, when the reactionary oppression of the AKP government is increasing day by day before the elections, against all progressive forces in Turkey and the Middle East. We would thus like to make a call to all our comrades to send us a solidarity message for the event, in order to strengthen and express international solidarity against the AKP government, imperialism and reactionism in the region.

The event also marks an important anniversary in the history of the Communist Party of Turkey, when the founders of our party were killed by the bourgeoisie government in 1921. The organization shall raise the determination and voice of socialism and the working class against the bourgeoisie and the AKP government.

Comradely greetings.


People’s Communist Party of Turkey

International Bureau

* * *

От левых активистов из Италии

Gentle Chairman of the Parliament of Russia, gentle Head of the ruling "United Russia" party, we demand to immediately stop the criminal case against Vladimir Bessonov and ask to the deputies of the State Duma  to support their colleague. We express a resolute protest against the persecution of the MP elected by the people.

No to political despotizm!


Manuela De Angelis


* * *

От коммунистов Франции

The french" COMMUNISTES" party demands to stop immediatly the criminal case against Vladimir Bessonov.


The COMMUNISTES  international sector

* * *

От организации чилийцев Германии

 Председателю Государственной Думы

Федерального собрания Российской Федерации Нарышкину С.Е.

Президенту Парламентской Группы Васильеву В.А.

Первичная партийная организация чилийцев  “Rodrigo Rojas”  города Берлина выражает свой протест против санкций, направленных против депутата КПРФ Владимира Бессонова. А также поддерживает коммунистов КПРФ обжаловать решение парламента о частном лишении неприкосновенности их саратника Владимира Бессонова в Верховном Суде..




* * *

От культурного центра чилийцев Германии

Председателю Государственной Думы

Федерального собрания Российской Федерации Нарышкину С.Е.

Президенту Парламентской Группы Васильеву В.А.

Культурная Ассоциация "Violeta Parra" города Берлина солидарна с коммунистами Российской Федерации поддержать депутата КПРФ Владимира Бессонова.




* * *

От представителей Италии

To the Chairman of the Parliament of Russia,

to the Head of the ruling "United Russia" party


As Italian citizens and friends of Russia, we are concerned by reports of the indictment of the deputy Vladimir Bessonov and the submission into the State Duma of a motion for court proceedings against him. We express our full solidarity with Vladimir Bessonov and we sincerely hope that the Russian Parliament does not want to question one of the most important Principles of democracy - the immunity of deputies.


Alexander Hobel (hobel@unina.it)

Carmela Fiore (milenafiore.ma@libero.it)

Rome, Italy

* * *

От Коммунистической партии Мальты

The Communist Party of Malta protests at the unjust treatment and persecution of Comrade Vladimir Bessonov deputy of State Duma, by the judiciary when there are no proof of his guilt. Such behavior by the authorities concerned are not accepted norms in any state that considers itself democratic.

The Party stands in solidarity with Vladimir Bessonov and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation over this matter.

Please deliver our protest, and demand for the cessation of such unjust acts,  to the authorities concerned


Victor Degiovanni

Secretary C.C.

Communist Party of Malta

* * *

От Коммунистической партии Филиппин


Chairman of the State Duma (Parliament)

of the Russian Federation

E-mail : naryshkin@duma.gov.ru



Head of the ruling “United Russia” party

in the State Duma

E-mail : vasyliev@duma.gov.ru





We write to express to you our outrage that a communist Deputy to the State Duma (Member of Parliament), Comrade Vladimir Bessonov, is being subjected to a motion within the State Duma for court prosecution. We find it highly anomalous that the ruling “United Russia” party has initiated this motion over a case involving Comrade Bessonov’s street meeting with the electorate in December 2011, or more than three (3) years ago.

First of all, street meetings are always part of the democratic process, and are covered under any people’s right to peaceful assembly for redress of grievances. No special permission or consent from any authority is necessary in any civilized country for such exercise of the people’s basic civil and political rights. This should not be taken against anyone participating in such an assembly, and especially not against a Member of Parliament meeting with the electorate.

Secondly, a Member of Parliament in any civilized country is clothed with immunity from suit, especially so if the charge is political in nature and involves the exercise of his or her functions (including meetings with one’s constituency or electorate).  

Thirdly, a basic principle in any civilized legal system is the procedural right of anyone to the speedy administration of justice. However, this motion to prosecute Comrade Bessonov comes over 3 years already since the incident being imputed to him had transpired. As no finding of any wrongdoing was made against Comrade Bessonov immediately after the December 2011 incident, there is no reason for the ruling “United Russia” party to now move for his prosecution. 

Clearly, this motion initiated by the ruling “United Russia” party is a tyrannical attempt to silence Comrade Bessonov and to repress the Communist Party of the Russian Federation which is the leading opposition to the crooks and thieves of the capitalist system to which Russia has degenerated.



Very sincerely,


General Secretary, PKP-1930

* * *

От Коммунистической партии Бразилии

Carta de Solidariedade ao Deputado Vladimir Bessonov do Partido Comunista da Federação Russa (PCFR)

O Partido Comunista do Brasil é solidário ao Deputado Vladimir Bessonov há três anos vítima de perseguição política pela justiça russa.

Acreditamos que o mundo contemporâneo tem avançado em termos de democracia, livre associativismo e atividade política. Quanto a isso não podemos retroceder e já não cabem processos que judicializem o exercício pleno da ação política em todas as suas dimensões democráticas.

Fazemos votos para que no próximo dia 27 o Parlamento da Federação Russa, a Duma, tome uma posição justa e repare os danos causados por uma perseguição que já dura três anos sem que tenham sido encontradas provas do rompimento de normas e regras da ação parlamentar pelo Deputado Bessonov e seu partido.


Renato Rabelo

Presidente Nacional do Partido Comunista do Brasil (PCdoB)


Ricardo Alemão Abreu

Secretario de Relações Internacionais do Partido Comunista do Brasil (PCdoB)

* * *

От Генерального секретаря Коммунистической партии Великобритании

Dear Mr Vasiliev

I copy below and attach a letter from the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain Robert Griffiths concerning the motion before the Duma on 27 January seeking prosecution of Duma deputy Vladimir Bessonov.

Respectfully Yours


John Foster

International Secretary

CP Britain

* * *

От Партии итальянских коммунистов

Estimate members and representative of Russian Federation Duma:

having seen on the international press about the case concerning your deputy Vladimir Bessonov, that you will discuss in the present days, our party sincerly and warmly hope that everything could have a positive conclusion, without any legal and negative consequence.

We sicerely think that in an international situation in which so many dangers for global peace and threats against Russia are growing, all forces who are fighting against this danger must work for the strongest solidarity and comprehension.

With our sincere respect


The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Italy (PCdI)

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